Frequently asked questions

What is this for?

The app was created as a single place for businesses to be able to keep their ever-changing hours and operations updated during this pandemic.

How does it work?

Once a business is added and approved, we will send instructions to the email associated with that business on how to update your status and information in real time — anytime you want.


We have focused on privacy during the build of this app. We have chosen to stay away from Google products and use alternatives such as Mapbox, Algolia Places, and Fathom analytics.

Business Data?

Our only intention with the business data that is collected is to display it in this app to help businesses and consumers connect. We will not sell or misuse your data.

Partners (bulk uploads)?

If you are a local group or organization that is trying to maintain a list of businesses in your area, we have a CSV template we can send you to enter multiple businesses. Once you’ve completed and returned this form, we will upload each business with their included information. Your organization will be credited with your name and URL on each result you provide data for. Please email us here if interested.